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    There are times when a person will be needing concrete scientific evidence of parentage. Many instances, it is easy to find the mother because they were there to give birth. But with surrogate mothers, it is not always so simple. Surrogate mothers are women who carry babies for other people and most of the time they do not know if the child has been genetically altered


    A DNA paternity test compares a DNA sample from an alleged father and a DNA sample from the child (minor or adult) to determine whether the two individuals are likely to share or not share a father/child, biological relationship. A biological child shares 50% of their DNA with the biological father and 50% with the biological mother.


    DNA is extracted from each participant’s cells, making the sample easier to work with. A geneticist works with this data and uses a calculation to determine the probability that the man tested is the biological father of the child tested.

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    Genes are like a story and DNA is the language that the story is written in.

    – Sam Kean